Replacement Windows Prices and Cost?

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One of the first questions homeowners want to know when they call our company is: How much does it cost to install new replacement windows? This is a very difficult question to answer, but I will try my best here to explain some general pricing guidelines. Purchasing new windows in your home is very similar to the purchase of a new vehicle or even a home. There are so many options available and price options typically vary drastically. Just a new Chevy can start around $20k for a basic package. However, you can easily get over $50K if you want leather seats, navigation, backup cameras, performance exhaust, a bed liner etc. Why is it that a person will usually choose the fancy upgrades even though they will trade in their vehicle every 5-7 years? The answer is because people know that it’s important to pay for something the first time so you don’t have regrets down the road. Most people in the United States spend about 30 minutes per day in their car so they want to make sure the vehicle will provide them with all the amenities that make them happy. The same principle typically applies to most replacement window shoppers. You’re most likely going to look at those windows for as long as you live in your home. Picking the correct windows with the correct options the first time is critical. The big problem is that some people only focus on the initial price of the windows with the goal of finding the cheapest contractor and the cheapest installation with the cheapest windows. Decisions like this inevitably lead to regret – especially considering that unlike a vehicle, windows can’t be traded in if you’re unhappy. Windows must be considered an important investment. However, the actual cost of the window depends on the type, dimensions, materials used, security features, the difficulty of installation and obviously, the number of windows needed.

Number of Windows

Many people think that purchasing a few windows at a time is the best choice. In an effort to keep costs down a homeowner may say, “Let’s start with just one window for now”. However, if your end goal is to replace all windows you may be able to save some money by installing all of your windows at once. As you can imagine the more windows you need to install, the more you’ll spend. However, most companies (including us) will give you a discount on the more windows you purchase.

Sizes of the Windows

Along with the number of windows needed, the size of the window is also another obvious reason why the cost will go up. Living rooms and bedrooms tend to have larger windows, while basements and attics have smaller windows. Most companies have a certain price for their replacement windows up to a certain size. Any window over that size can be infinitely more expensive in proportionate to the size.

Window Material

Vinyl windows are becoming the norm these days. They’re less expensive, extremely durable and even come with great warranties. Changes in humidity don’t cause vinyl windows to shrink or swell. However, they aren’t as attractive as a wooden window. Wood windows cost more to make, they’re more expensive to maintain and they are susceptible to the elements. However, some people are really in need of that authentic wood appearance. In fact, in some areas where there are historical neighborhoods, you must use wooden windows to maintain the authenticity of the original area. Choosing between the materials is another determining factor of price.

Window Panes and Glass

Many people aren’t even interested in the appearance of their windows and just want to save money on their utility bills. The efficiency of your windows mostly comes down to the windowpanes or the glass that’s in the windows. Windows are rated by U-factor. If you’re looking to save money on your energy bills then you want to have a window with the lowest U-factor possible. You will end up paying more for double or triple pane windows, but they’ll pay for themselves over time.


Other items that drive up the cost of replacement windows are the bells and whistles. If we’re talking about vehicles, you can get a car with GPS. However, you can also save money by purchasing the base model. With windows, you can get the base model or the window with the bells and whistles which include upgraded hardware, grilles in the glass, paint, and finishes, etc. A standard white vinyl window will be your cheapest option. However, you can always include add-ons, which drive up the price.

Window Installation and Quality Reputation

An extremely overlooked pricing factor is the quality of the installation and the quality of the company you’re hiring. Anyone can go to a big box store and purchase a replacement window. However, it’s truly an art to correctly install a replacement window. With that comes a higher price. In our technically advanced world of online reviews, it’s easy to see which companies have high-quality craftsmen to install the windows versus the company with installers who do poor work. In our opinion, it’s more beneficial to pay more for high-quality installers versus saving money on cheap installers who make customers unhappy. Check out the businesses’ reviews. Do they have high reviews that seem legitimate? If so you can probably guess the company is paying their installers top dollar, which will increase the price of the job. This one is worth every penny.

So What’s The Cost?

With all things considered we can still take a look at some averages to tell you what to expect when getting your window quote. If you’re looking for the cheapest windows possible, meaning you want a standard vinyl window that’s a standard size you can expect to spend around $400-$600 per window installed. If you’re looking for a mid-range window with some bells and whistles you should plan on spending between $500-$800 per window. Finally, if you’re looking for top quality windows with all bells and whistles, with wood materials etc. you should plan on spending 700-1000+ per window installed. Looking for a FREE estimate? Click here and call now or fill out the form to receive a free quote.