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Warning Sings of old Doors

  You have to slam it to close
  The door wont close 
  Dented, rusted or otherwise damaged
  The door's frame is rotting 
  A breeze opens the door
  There's a draft in your house
  You can't open the door
  Gap in the window frame
  The door is unsafe
  The door creaks when you open and close
  Uneven temperatures from room to room
  You have high energy bills year around


Are you interested in replacing your old doors?


If your doors or even your replacement doors were installed improperly or are out of date give us a call at any time. We'll replace your doors with great looking, energy efficient replacement doors that are long-lasting! Call us today to receive a free quote! 

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There are many reasons to replace your old doors! 



Replacement doors can be one of the best investments if you are trying to cut costs on energy bills. We're in York, Pennsylvania. it get's brutally cold in the middle of winter and you don't want to have a drafty door. Or when it's hot and muggy you don't want to have a door that opens with a breeze, letting out all of the precious Air Conditioning. Our replacement doors are designed to keep out the winter blues and keep the A/C during the summer!



An issue that most people don't think about when it comes to replacement doors is the safety of you and your family. Not to mention the security of everything in your home. They say that 80% of burglars enter a person's home straight through the front door. That fact seems accurate. We don't question everyone we see entering our neighbors house. With that being said you want to be prepared with a strong, long lasting replacement door to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. An old rotten or rusted door is no problem for a burglar. 


If and when it comes time to selling your home having a new replacement door plays a key role. Having a new replacement door from Susquehanna Valley door and Window in your home can mean the difference between selling your house and sitting on the market. I wouldn't purchase a home with a rusty front door that you need to slam to shut. I'm sure you wouldn't either. If you're thinking about increasing the value of your home than it's time for some replacement doors!


Besides increasing the value of your home you're going to want to improve the overall look of you're home, right? Who wants to bring over grandma, the kids and your favorite in-laws to a house that has a door falling off it's hinges. Imagine the first impression you're family and friends will have if they haven't seen you in 5 years and then they approach your home and have to turn dingy knob on that old, creaky, rusty, dented, paint-chipped front door. If that's the word you live in then it's time for a replacement door. Don't disappoint grandma- get some replacement doors.  



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